Current Members

Saran Khumto

Visiting Ph.D student

My interest is about plant genetic resources and crop domestication, especially in rice. My work focuses on mapping in rice domestication traits, and how to take advantages from wild relatives to rice improvement.

Jordan Brock

Ph.D. Student

My interest is in understanding crop domestication and  the role of polyploidy in many of our crops. I'm currently investigating the genetic basis of adaptation in wild relatives of the biofuel crop and flax mimic, Camelina sativa.


Marshall Wedger

Ph.D. Student
I am currently a first year grad student in the Ecology, Evolution and Population Biology program at Wash-U. I plan to spend my time here studying the genetics (and ecology) of competition in crop-weed interactions.

Aaron Gisser

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Aaron is a junior undergraduate majoring in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology with a minor in Spanish.

Elizabeth Mueller

PhD Student
2016 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Recipient

Current Research

Monika Weiss

Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts / Co-convener of the Faculty Seminar