EPRSL Alumni

Valerie Fox

Year/Degree: 2017 / Ph.D.
Employer: California Institute of Technology
Title: Postdoctoral Fellow

Kathryn Powell

Year/Degree: 2018/ Ph.D.
Employer: Northern Arizona University
Title: Postdoctoral Scholar

Abby Fraeman

Year/Degree: 2014 / Ph.D.
Employer: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Title: Staff Scientist

Michael Botts

Year/Degree: 1979 / M.A.
Employer: University of Alabama in Huntsville
Title: Senior Research Scientist

Craig Ernest Leff

Year/Degree: 1983 / M.A.
Employer: University of London
Title: Staff Engineer

Michele Sharon Eddy

Year/Degree: 1984 / M.A.
Employer: Western Geophysical, Englewood, CO
Title: Analyst

Robert Harry Lewis

Year/Degree: 1985 / M.A.
Employer: GE Astro Space, General Electric Company, Princeton, NJ
Title: Sr. Member, Technical Staff

Lisa G. Dunn

Year/Degree: 1985 / M.A.
Employer: Colorado School of Mines Library
Title: Head Reference Librarian

Marsha Ann Presley-Holloway

Year/Degree: 1986 / M.A.
Employer: Arizona State University Mars Space Flight Facility
Title: Faculty Research Associate

Margo Helen Edwards

Year/Degree: 1986 / M.A.
Employer: Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology; University of Hawaii; Honolulu, HI
Title: Director, Hawaii Mapping Research Group