Anika Walke

Assistant Professor of History
Taught "FOCUS: The Holocaust - A European Experience" in Fall 2017

Bonnie Kruger

Professor of the Practice - Costume Design

Bonnie Kruger is Professor of the Practice and Costume Director for Washington University.  She holds an MFA from the University of Illinois and has designed costumes for over 200 productions in theatre, opera, dance and film for companies through

Amy McSomething

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Research Interests: Algebra, Numbers, Torture

Jeremy Doe

James P. Something Professor of Economics

Research Interests: Local mirror symmetry and the sunset integral

Daniel Giammar

Team Lead and Principal Investigator, Professor of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

Linling Xu

Post-Doctoral Fellow, International and Area Studies

Sean M. Savoie

Senior Lecturer in Drama - Lighting Design

Sean M. Savoie currently serves as resident Lighting Designer / Production Manager / Design Coordinator at Washington University in St.