Former members

Angela Poffenberger

Summer Undergraduate Researcher (2015)
Current PhD Student at University of Notre Dame

Angela is idenfifying and evaluating cycloguanil derivatives as inhibitors of dihydrofolate reductase. Outside of the lab, Angie enjoys spending time with friends, watching movies and exploring St. Louis.

Keishla Sanchez

Young Scientist Program High School Intern, 2015
• Student, University of Puerto Rico

Kourtney Kroll

Undergraduate, uSTAR Summer Scholar; 2015-2017
• Graduate Student, Biomedical Engineering Program, University of Chicago

Kroll K*, Holland CK*, Starks CM, Jez JM (2017) Evolution of allosteric regulation in chorismate mutases from early plants.  Biochem J 474, 3705-17

Sean Kang

Assistant Professor, Dartmouth University

Bridgid Finn

Research Scientist, Educational Testing Service

Karl Szpunar

MCL: Graduate Student
Current: Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

Yana Weinstein

MCL: Post-doctoral Fellow
Current: Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts at Lowell

Jess Logan

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center