Former members

Will Musgrave

Undergraduate, NSF REU Intern, 2010-2011
• Medical Student, University of Texas - Southwestern

Musgrave WB, Yi H, Kline D, Cameron JC, Wignes J, Dey S, Pakrasi HB, Jez JM (2013) Probing the origins of glutathione biosynthesis through biochemical analysis of glutamate-cysteine ligase and glutathione synthetase from a model p

Ashley Galant

Graduate Student - Plant Biology Program, ASPB-Pioneer Hi-Bred Graduate Fellow, Olin Biomedical Fellow, 2008-2011
• USDA-ARS Postdoc, Citrus Research Center, Winter Haven, FL; Grain Quality & Structure Research Center, Manhattan, KS
• Maltster, Busch Agricultural Resources, Moorhead, MN

Galant A, Koester RP, Ainsworth EA, Hicks LM, Jez JM (2012)  From climate change to molecular response:  redox-proteomics of ozone-induced responses in soybean.  New Phytologist 194, 220-9

Alex Markov

STARS High School Student Intern, 2009
• Medical Student, Washington University

Jonathan Wignes

Undergraduate, 2009
• Graduate Student, Plant Biology, University of Adelaide, Australia

Wignes JA, Goldman JW, Weihl CC, Bartley MG, Andley UP (2013) p62 expression and autophagy in alphaB-crystallin R120G mutant knock-in mouse model of hereditary cataract.  Exp Eye Res 115, 263-73

Lavanya Palavalli

Undergraduate, 2005
• HHMI-NIH Physician Scholar, Obstetrics & Gynecology Resident, Baylor College of Medicine

Brendza KM, Haakenson W, Cahoon RE, Hicks LM, Palavalli LH, Chiapelli B, McLaird M, McCarter JP, Williams DJ, Hresko MC, Jez JM (2007) Phosphoethanolamine N-methyltransferase (PMT-1) catalyzes the first reaction of a new pathway f

Katherine Herrera

Undergraduate, NSF-REU Intern (Adelphi U.), 2005
• Tropical Field Botanist, N.Y. Botanical Garden

Herrera K, Cahoon RE, Kumaran S, Jez JM (2007) Reaction mechanism of glutathione synthetase from Arabidopsis thaliana: site-directed mutagenesis of active site residues.  J Biol Chem  282, 17157-65

Eric Bonner

Postdoctoral Associate, 2003-2004
• Scientist, Akermin

Hicks LM, Cahoon RE, Bonner ER, Rivard RS, Sheffield J, Jez JM (2007) Thiol-based regulation of redox-active glutamate-cysteine ligase from Arabidopsis thalianaPlant Cell  19, 2653-61

Sarah Knapke

Undergraduate, NSF-REU Intern (Purdue U.), 2003
• Graduate Student, Plant Science Program, Purdue U.
• Scientist, Monsanto

Bonner ER, Cahoon RE, Knapke SM, Jez JM (2005) Molecular basis of plant cysteine biosynthesis: structural and functional analysis of O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase from Arabidopsis thalianaJ Biol Chem 280, 38803

Corey Westfall

Graduate Student- Biochemistry Program, USDA-NIFA Predoctoral Fellow, Olin Biomedical Fellow, 2009-2014
• Keck Postdoctoral Fellow & Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow, Levin Lab, Washington University

Sherp AM, Westfall CS, Alvarez S, Jez JM (2018) Arabidopsis thaliana GH3.15 acyl acid amido synthetase has a highly specific substrate preference for the auxin precursor in

Julie Francois

USDA Postdoctoral Associate, 2006-2007
• Regulatory Quality Assurance Specialist, Monsanto

Ravilious GE, Nguyen A, Francois JA, Jez JM (2012) Structural basis and evolution of redox regulation in plant adenosine-5'-phosphosulfate kinase.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109, 309-14