Graduate Students

Angela Schlegel

Rotation Student - Plant & Microbial Biosciences Program, 2013
• PhD candidate - Haswell Lab, Olin Fellow for Women in Graduate Study, William H Danforth Plant Sciences Fellow, NSF GRFP Honorable Mention

Kimberley V. Sukhum

PhD Student
Evolution, Ecology & Population Biology

Kim is studying evolutionary change in brain size, its mechanistic basis, its energetic costs, and its adaptive significance.

Elizabeth Frick

Graduate Student, Plant Biology Program
NIFA-AFRI Graduate Research Fellow
Catherine M. Lineman Scholar


Project:  Mechanisms of auxin biosynthesis


Albert Kang

Graduate Student
Educational Background



Matt Tso

Graduate Student Neuroscience Program

I received my B.S. From the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  My research aims to understand the role of astrocytes in circadian biology.

Sam Powers

Graduate Student, Plant and Microbial Biosciences Program
Danforth Plant Science Fellow

Project:  Molecular basis of IBA-to-IAA metabolism and ARF protein interactions

Cristina Mazuski

Graduate Student Neuroscience Program

I received my B.S. From Northwestern University.  My research aims to reveal the roles of different classes of cells in circadian behavior and physiology.

Emily Slat

MSTP-Neuroscience Program
Co-mentored with Dr. Josh Rubin