Past Members

Anna Cristina Garza

Resident in Preliminary Pediatrics at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
Dermatology/Harvard Combined at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
MD-PhD Harvard University 2017
Undergraduate Researcher 2006-2007


Rosemary Emelue

Pharmacy Resident, Children's Hospital St Louis
Undergraduate Researcher 2011-2013


Jeremy Moore

BioMedRap Student from Kenyon College Summer 2017

Zhizhou Yang

Medical Student, Washington University School of Medicine
Undergraduate Researcher 2016-2018
BIOSURF Recipient


Kate Fee

Medical Student, University of Missouri Kansas City
High School Research Assistant 2014-2015

While in the Levin lab, Kate combined microscopy and high throughput image analysis to determine the length and width of bacteria cultured under different nutrient conditions.

Jason Zuke

Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin Madison
Technician 2016-2018

As a Research Technician, Jason investigated the relationship between nutrient availability and physical properties of the bacterial cell surface in addition to keeping the lab well stocked and running smoothly!

Teran Mickens

Undergraduate Researcher, uSTAR Scholar 2016-2018
Joint MD-MPH Student at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine


Bruce Grossman

Associate Account Manager at Northern Trust Wealth Management
Media Master 2015-2017

Bruce is in charge of making sure the bacteria are fed, the buffers are made, and the glassware is clean. (AKA indispensable!).

Jesse Kao

Medical Student, St. Louis University
Undergraduate Researcher 2013-2015
UStar Summer Scholar, 2015 SURF recipient

Steven Grigsby

MD-PhD Student, Phillips Lab, Washington University School of Medicine
Undergraduate Researcher 2013-2015
ASM Undergraduate Research Fellow

Current Research