Past Members

Jeremy Moore

BioMedRap Student from Kenyon College Summer 2017

Zhizhou Yang

Undergraduate Researcher, SURF Recipient


Kate Fee

High School Research Assistant

While in the Levin lab, Kate combined microscopy and high throughput image analysis to determine the length and width of bacteria cultured under different nutrient conditions.

Jason Zuke

Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin Madison

As a Research Technician, Jason investigated the relationship between nutrient availability and physical properties of the bacterial cell surface in addition to keeping the lab well stocked and running smoothly!

Jesse Kao

Undergraduate Researcher
UStar Summer Scholar, 2015 SURF recipient

Current Research

Jesse is exploring the long term impact of carbon starvation on cell physiology and viability

Bruce Grossman

Media Master

Bruce is in charge of making sure the bacteria are fed, the buffers are made, and the glassware is clean. (AKA indispensable!).

An Chun Chien

Special assistant to the President, TECA Engineering Pte. Ltd, Singapore
PhD student 2006-2012

Chien, A-C, S. K. Zareh, Y. M. Wang and P. A. Levin.

Daniel Haeusser

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Canisius College, Buffalo NY
PhD student 2002-2008

Haeusser, D. P., A. H. Lee, R. B., Weart and P. A. Levin.

Brad Weart

Associate Professor of Biology, Grayson College, Denison, TX
PhD student 2001-2007

Haeusser, D. P., A. H. Lee, Weart, R. B., and P. A. Levin.