Past Members

B. Hunter Ball, Ph.D

Dr. Ball's research in the domain of human cognition has concerned elucidating the cognitive processes involved in several interrelated aspects of learning and memory.

Yifan (Ben) Zhang

Undergraduate Researcher

Understanding tissue-specificity of IBA-to-IAA conversion

Lorryn Wilhelm

Science Illustrator

Illustrating projects in the Strader Lab

Amanda Ortiz

Research Assistant

 Amanda is a sophomore double-majoring in psychological and brain sciences and leadership and strategy management.

Mara Getz

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Mara is currently a research data associate in the Department of Psychiatry at New York University.

Kate Fee

High School Research Assistant

While in the Levin lab, Kate combined microscopy and high throughput image analysis to determine the length and width of bacteria cultured under different nutrient conditions.