Past Members

Duo Tian

Former Visiting Graduate Student

I’m an archaeobotanist from Northwest University, Xi’an, China. My research is generally focused on plant remains unearthed in Northwest China and prehistoric cultural exchanges between East and West.

Kate Fee

High School Research Assistant

While in the Levin lab, Kate combined microscopy and high throughput image analysis to determine the length and width of bacteria cultured under different nutrient conditions.

Drew Gottwald

Undergraduate Researcher

Structural biology and peroxisome function

Hang Xue

Undergraduate Researcher
U-STAR Summer Program

Developing new model systems for studying IBA response

Jason Zuke

Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin Madison

As a Research Technician, Jason investigated the relationship between nutrient availability and physical properties of the bacterial cell surface in addition to keeping the lab well stocked and running smoothly!