Past Members

Qingwei Luo

Research Scientist, Jim Fleckenstein Lab, Washington University School of Medicine
Postdoctoral Scientist 2007-2011

Land, A. D. Q. Luo, and P. A.

Adam Seroka

Undergraduate Researcher

Identifying and characterizing mutants defective in auxin responsiveness

Eric Chao

Undergraduate Researcher

Understanding IBA conversion and transport roles in plant development

Bisco Hill

Postdoctoral Scientist, Matt Welch Lab, UC Berkeley
PhD student 2007-2013

Taheri-Araghi, S, S. Bradde, J. T. Sauls, N. S.

Adrian Land

Senior Scientist, FDA Forensic Chemistry Laboratory, Cincinnati, OH
Postdoctoral Scientist 2011-2014,


Heidi Arjes

Postdoctoral Scientist, Jointly Advised by KC Huang, Stanford University and Gürol Süel, UCSD
PhD Student 2009-2014

P.J. Buske

Postdoctoral Scientist, Dyche Mullins Lab, UC San Francisco
PhD student 2008-2013

Buske, P. J., A. Mittal, R. V. Pappu, and P. A.

Siting Liu

Undergraduate Researcher

Isolating and identifying auxin biosynthesis mutants