Past Members

Eric Chao

Undergraduate Researcher

Understanding IBA conversion and transport roles in plant development

Adrian Land

Senior Scientist, FDA Forensic Chemistry Laboratory, Cincinnati, OH
Postdoctoral Scientist 2011-2014,


Heidi Arjes

Postdoctoral Scientist, Jointly Advised by KC Huang, Stanford University and Gürol Süel, UCSD
PhD Student 2009-2014

Bisco Hill

Postdoctoral Scientist, Matt Welch Lab, UC Berkeley
PhD student 2007-2013

Taheri-Araghi, S, S. Bradde, J. T. Sauls, N. S.

P.J. Buske

Postdoctoral Scientist, Dyche Mullins Lab, UC San Francisco
PhD student 2008-2013

Buske, P. J., A. Mittal, R. V. Pappu, and P. A.

Siting Liu

Undergraduate Researcher

Isolating and identifying auxin biosynthesis mutants

Elizabeth Frick

Graduate Student, Plant Biology Program
NIFA-AFRI Graduate Research Fellow
Catherine M. Lineman Scholar


Project:  Mechanisms of auxin biosynthesis