Undergraduate Researchers

Derek Zhou

Hi! I'm Derek Zhou and I'm part of Wash U's class of 2023.

Hannah Yoken

Hi! My name is Hannah Yoken and I am a sophomore double majoring in Psychology and International Affairs and minoring in General Business.

Alex Cestari

Hi, I am a current sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in Legal Studies.

Lia Abrams

Hello, I’m Lia Abrams and I am currently a sophomore majoring in psychology-neuroscience-philosophy with a concentration in cognitive neuroscience.

Max Gruschka

Undergraduate Researcher

Max grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, and is a current Junior at Washi

Lindsay Nobles

Hi, I’m a current sophomore majoring in Cognitive Neuroscience and minoring in Anthropology.

Megan Maxwell

I am a current sophomore double majoring in psychology and art history. I  hope to attend graduate school someday and am interested in the field of abnormal psychology.