Undergraduate Students

John Webb

Undergraduate Student

I am currently studying the anatomy of neural projections from the SCN to the PVN using an imaging technique called Brainbow.

Daniel Giammar

Team Lead and Principal Investigator, Professor of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

Ji Hyun Ahn

Ji Hyun, who goes by Ahnji, is a sophomore majoring in Drama and Marketing.

Danielle Da Yeon Ryoo

Undergraduate Student

Danielle is studying species differences in electric signal localization, as well as electroreceptor morphology and innervation.

Qiyuan Liu

Qiyuan is a senior majoring in Art with a concentration in painting and
minoring in Art history & Archeology and Marketing. She was introduced
into theater productions as an assistant stage manager and has been

Alani Douglas

Alani Douglas is a Junior with an Engineering major and Costume Design minor.