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Restoration as science: the case of the collared lizard | Newsroom | Washington University in St. Louis

Collared Lizard, Saved by Fire - ABC News

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La nueva Ilustración Evolucionista / The new Evolutionary Enlightenment: Una especie única (entrevista a Alan Templeton)

Frost flowers will bloom soon | Newsroom | Washington University in St. Louis

▶ Frost Flowers: A Holiday Greeting - YouTube

Frost flowers, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Nov. 2019 -

Interview with "People Behind the Science" -

Two-headed Salamander, Jerusalem Post:   Feeding video:

Work on STEM program in Hawaii:

Discovery of the largest yin-yang haplotype pair in the human genome:

Interview about human races:

Work on transcriptomics of endangered Salamandra:

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT:  Genetic restoration in the eastern collared lizard under
prescribed woodland burning