Steering Committee Members

Michael Armstrong Roche Associate Professor of Spanish, Medieval Studies and Latin American Studies
Wesleyan University
Christian Billing Senior Lecturer, Department of Drama, English, Music and Screen
University of Hull
Pamela Allen Brown Associate Professor of English
University of Connecticut, Stamford
Pavel Drábek Professor of Drama and Theatre Practice, Research and Enterprise Coordinator
University of Hull
Melinda Gough Associate Professor of English
McMaster University
Robert Henke Professor of Comparative Literature and Performing Arts (Drama)
Washington University in St. Louis
M. A. Katritzky Barbara Wilkes Research Fellow in Theatre Studies, Department of English
Open University, Milton Keynes
Natasha Korda Professor of English
Wesleyan University
Friedemann Kreuder Professor, Theatre Studies
Johannes Gutenberg-Universittät Mainz
Clare McManus Professor of Early Modern Literature and Theatre, Department of English Literature and Creative Writing
Roehampton University, London
Eric Nicholson Senior Lecturer
Syracuse University in Florence
Shormishtha Panja Professor of English and Joint Director, Institute of Lifelong Learning
University of Delhi
President, Shakespeare Society of India (2008-2014)
David Schalkwyk Professor and Director, Global Shakespeare
Queen Mary University of London, University of Warwick
Jane Tylus Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature
New York University
Melissa Walter Associate Professor of English
University of the Fraser Valley
Susanne Wofford Dean, the Gallatin School, and Professor of English
New York University