If you would like to apply to serve as a tutor for one or more of our undergraduate classes, please complete  THIS FORM  with as much detail as possible.  The Econ Dept. Academic Coordinator will confirm your submission before adding you to the list of potential tutors and your on-going interest will be verified at least one time each academic year.  If you would like to withdraw your interest in working as a tutor, please send an email to dottie@wustl.edu.

If you are looking for a tutor, please refer to the excel file below.


In the tutor workbook, on the left...

 Use the sort/filter icon at the top of each column to search in the excel workbook.  You can sort the columns or filter by a particular attribute.  Clear the filter to return to the original tab/sheet.  The first sheet lists tutors by course.  The second sheet lists (negotiable) fees and other comments


Questions?  Problems?  Concerns?   Email: dottie@wustl.edu