Schedule of Classes 


January 18th  Introduction to Venice: Profile of a City and its Inhabitants


              David Rosand Myths of Venice: Figuration of a State, chpt. 1, pp. 6-46


January 23rd The Origins of the City: Religious Architecture on the Island of Torcello 


              Deborah Howard The Architectural History of Venice, chpt. 2, pp. 7-28

                      and chpt. 3, ‘The Medieval City’, pp. 43-72. 

             *Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade*


January 25th The Origins of the City: Basilica San Marco


              Peter Humfrey The Altarpiece in Renaissance Venice, chpt. 1, pp. 21-29. 

              Michael Jacoff, ‘The Construction of Venetian Identity on the Exterior of San

                      Marco’, in San Marco, Byzantium and the Myth of Venice, pp. 113-150. 


January 30th Domestic Architecture: Veneto-Byzantine and Gothic Palaces


              Deborah Howard The Architectural History of Venice, chpt. 2, pp. 28-41.

                         also DH, chpt.4, pp. 96-110.


February 1st Domestic Architecture: To Live ‘Nobile’  


              Patricia Fortini Brown Private Lives in Renaissance Venice, chpt. 3.


              **VISUAL ANALYSIS DUE February 8th**


February 6th Visual Traditions in Venice: the Gothic and the Guilds


              Deborah Howard Architectural History of Venice pp. 90-96, 73-90.

              Patricia Fortini Brown The Renaissance in Venice, chpt. 2,  pp. 39-64.


February 8th The Madonna Business: Jacopo Bellini, Model Books, Perspective, and Family Workshops


             *Patricia Fortini Brown “The Antiquarianism of Jacopo Bellini” pp.65-84.*


Februray 13th

February 15th  Competitive Devotions: Vittore Carpaccio, ‘Vera historia’ and Scuole Paintings


               Deborah Howard Architectural History of Venice, pp. 110-115.

               Patricia Fortini Brown Venetian Narrative Painting in the Age of Carpaccio, pp. 9-30.

                       and pp. 31-42.


February 20th The Scuole of Venice


              Patricia Fortini Brown Venetian Narrative Painting in the Age of Carpaccio, pp. 135-164.


              *Patricia Fortini Brown “Honor and Necessity: the Dynamics of Patronage 

in the Confraternities of Renaissance Venice,” pp. 179-212.


February 22nd  Giovanni Bellini: Devotional Imges


                Rona Goffen Giovanni Bellini​, pp. 23-64.

                Paul Hills, Venetian Colour, 'Pigments and Colour Preferences in the time of Giovanni Bellini.'


March 1st   Giovanni Bellini: Secular Portraits


                Rona Goffen Giovanni Bellini, pp. 191-221.


March 6th         Quattrocento  Sculpture in Venice


                 Alison Luchs Tullio Lombardo and Ideal Portrait Sculpture in Renaissance 

Venice 1490-1530, Chpt. 2.


March 8th MIDTERM


Week of March 13th SPRING BREAK


March 20th      Quattrocento Architecture in Venice


                  Deborah Howard Architectural History of Venice, Chapter 5, pp. 117-59.



Week of March 22nd  Giorgione: Reinterpreting Pictorial Genres



                  Jaynie Anderson Giorgione: Painter of Poetic Brevity pp. 17-49.

                  **Dan Lettieri, 'Landscape and Lyricism in Giorgione's "Tempesta"', pp. 55-70.**

      AND Luchs, Giorgione v. Lombardo


March 27th    Venice as the New Rome: Jacopo Sansovino


            Deborah Howard, Architectural History of Venice, chapter 6. 


            ***Johnson, 'Jacopo Sansovino, Giacomo Torelli, and the Theatricality of the Piazzetta in Venice', pp. 436-453.***


March 29th   Venice as the New Rome: Sebastiano Serlio


             Sebastiano Serlio, On Architecture, Introduction and Book VI


             Deborah Howard, 'Sebastiano Serlio's Venetian Copyrights', pp. 512-516.


            ***Mario Carpo, 'The Architectural Principles of Temperate Classicism: Merchant Dwellings in Sebastiano

                    Serlio's Sixth Book.***



April 3rd   Titian: Painter of Venus and Madonna


     Research Paper Topic and Bibliography Due

     Frederick Ilchman, 'Venetian Painting in an Age of Rivals', pp. 21-39. 




April 5th   Titian: Painter of Venus and Madonna


David Rosand Painting in Sixteenth Century Venice, 'Titian and the Challenge of the Altarpiece' pp. 35-61.

                 Charlie-the Assunta             Libby-the Pesaro altarpiece


April 10th Veronese and the Art of Spectacle


              David Rosand Painting in Sixteenth Century Venice pp. 107-133. 


               Outline of Research Paper Due April 12th at the start of class


April 12th  Spirituality and Dynamism: Jacopo Tintoretto


             David Rosand Painting in Sixteenth Century Venice pp. 134-164.



April 17th  Palladio and the Study of Antiquity: Venice


               James Ackerman Palladio,

              Deborah Howard Architecture History of Venice pp. 160-173.





April 26 LAST DAY OF CLASS   Finish up Palladio and the Study of Antiquity: villa culture in the Cinquecento.





FINAL EXAM May 8th 10:30-12:30




The goal of this seminar is not only to explore Venice, but also to help you develop analytical tools that will serve you throughout the next four years. To that end, we will focus on class discussions, small writing assignments and critical analysis of your readings in order to help you build these skills and your confidence. 


Participation and Article Analysis: 10%


Writing Assignments 20%

        Visual Analysis Essay (SLAM) 

        Palace/Parish Project 


Midterm 20% 


Research Paper

        Abstract and Bibliography 5%

        Draft 5%

        Final 20%


Final Exam 20%