Current working papers:

"Direct Complementarity" (also, slides presented in July 2017)

 "Best-Reply Sets," under review at Economic Theory Bulletin.

 “Bayesian Inference Tempered by Classical Hypothesis Testing,” under review at Theoretical Economics.

Uncertain Rationality, Depth of Reasoning and Robustness in Games with Incomplete Information,” with Fabrizio Germano and Peio Zuazo-Garin, revision requested by Theoretical Economics.

Recent publications:

"Interim Correlated Rationalizability in Infinite Games," with Muhamet Yildiz (Journal of Mathematical Economics, October 2017)

"The Effect of Changes in Risk Attitude on Strategic Behavior" (Econometrica, September 2016)

 “Reputation without Commitment,” with Muhamet Yildiz (Theoretical Economics, January 2016)

See cv for list of all publications.

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