Books (During Time at WUSTL):

Walsh, C. T.; Wencewicz, T. A. "Antibiotics: Challenges, Mechanisms, Opportunities." January 2016, ASM Press, Washington DC, USA. ISBN 9781555819309

Book Chapters (During Time at WUSTL):

Wencewicz, T. A.*; Miller, M. J. "Sideromycins as Pathogen-Targeted Antibiotics." in Topics in Medicinal Chemistry2017, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. DOI: 10.1007/7355_2017_19

Review Articles (During Time at WUSTL):

Markley, J. L.; Wencewicz, T. A.* "Tetracycline-Inactivating Enzymes" Front. Microbiol. 2018accepted on May 4, doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2018.01058. Invited article for special issue on "Bacterial Mechanisms of Antibiotic Resistance: a Structural Perspective".

Wencewicz, T. A.* "New Antibiotics from Nature's Chemical Inventory." Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 201624, 6227–6252. Invited article for special issue on the "Discovery of Novel Antibacterials."

Original Research Articles (During Time at WUSTL):

Bailey, D. C.; Bohac, T. J.; Shapiro, J. A.; Giblin, D. E.; Wencewicz, T. A.*; Gulick, A. M.* "Crystal Stucture of the Siderophore Binding Protein BauB Bound to an Unusual 2:1 Complex Between Acinetobactin and Ferric Iron." Biochemistry, JUST ACCEPTED, Nov. 8, 2018, DOI: 10.1021/acs.biochem.8b00986

Markley, J. L.; Morse, T. L.; Rath, N. P.; Wencewicz, T. A.* "Stream-lined Synthesis of 3-Hydroxy-Beta-Lactams: Norrish-Yang Type II Photocyclizations of Beta-Ketoformamides." Tetrahedron 2018, 74, 2743-2753.

Rivera, G. S. M.; Beamish, C. R.; Wencewicz, T. A.* "Immobilized FhuD2 Siderophore-Binding Protein Enables Purification of Salmycin Sideromycins from Streptomyces violaceus DSM 8286." ACS Infectious Diseases 2018, 4, 845-859.

Patrick, G. J.; Fang, L.; Schaefer, J.; Singh, S.; Bowman, G. R.; Wencewicz, T. A.* "Mechanistic Basis for ATP-Dependent Inhibition of Glutamine Synthetase by Tabtoxinine-beta-lactam." Biochemistry 2018, 57, 117-135. Featured in special issue on the "Future of Biochemistry".

Bohac, T. J.; Shapiro, J. A.; Wencewicz, T. A.* "Rigid Oxazole Acinetobactin Analog Blocks Siderophore Cycling in Acinetobacter baumannii." ACS Infectious Diseases 2017, 3, 802-806. (Bohac and Shapiro are co-first authors)

Schaffer, J. E.; Reck, M. R.; Prasad, N. K.; Wencewicz, T. A.* "Beta-Lactone Formation During Antibiotic Cleavage from a Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetase." Nature Chemical Biology 201713, 737–744. F1000 feature article. (Schaffer and Reck are co-first authors)

Park, J.; Gasparrini, A. J.; Reck, M. R.; Symister, C.; Elliott, J. L.; Vogel, J. P.; Wencewicz, T. A.*; Dantas, G.*; Tolia, N. H.* "Plasticity, Dynamics, and Inhibition of Emerging Tetracycline-Resistance Enzymes." Nature Chemical Biology 201713, 730–736. *Indicates co-corresponding authors.

Endicott, N. P.; Lee, E.; Wencewicz, T. A.* "Structural Basis for Xenosiderophore Utilization by the Human Pathogen Staphylococcus aureus." ACS Infectious Diseases 20173, 542–553.

Shapiro, J. A. and Wencewicz, T. A. "Structure-Function Studies of Acinetobactin Analogs." Metallomics 20179, 463–470. Featured on inside journal cover. Editor's choice as "HOT ARTICLE."

Shapiro, J. A. and Wencewicz, T. A.* "Acinetobactin Isomerization Enables Adaptive Iron Acquisition in Acinetobacter baumannii through pH-Triggered Siderophore Swapping." ACS Infect. Dis20162, 157–168. Featured on journal cover.

Hart, K. M., Reck, M. R., Bowman, G. R., Wencewicz, T. A.* "Tabtoxinine-β-lactam is a “stealth” β-lactam antibiotic that evades β-lactamase-mediated antibiotic resistance." Med. Chem. Commun. 20167, 118127. Invited article for special issue on antibiotics.

Gelman, S. J.; Mahieu, N. G.; Cho, K.; Llufrio, E. M.; Wencewicz, T. A.; Patti, G. J.* "Evidence that 2-Hydroxyglutarate is Not Readily Metabolized in Colorectal Carcinoma Cells." Cancer Metabolism 2015, 3:13.

Forsberg, K. J.; Patel, S.; Wencewicz, T. A.*; Dantas, G.* "The tetracycline destructases: a novel family of tetracycline-inactivating enzymes." Chemistry and Biology 201522, 888897. *Indicates co-corresponding authors.

Review Articles (Postdoc):

Walsh, C. T.*; Wencewicz, T. A. “Prospects for new antibiotics: A molecule-centered perspective.” J. Antibiotics 201467, 722. Winner of JA Medal for excellence!

Walsh, C. T.*; Wencewicz, T. A. “Flavoenzymes: Versatile catalysts in biosynthetic pathways.” Nat. Prod. Rep. 201230,175200.

Original Research Articles (Postdoc):

Wencewicz, T. A.; Walsh, C. T.* “P. syringae self protection from tabtoxinine-β-lactam by ligase TblF and acetylase Ttr.” Biochemistry 201251, 77127725.

Review Articles (PhD):

Wencewicz, T. A.; Möllmann, U.; Long, T. E.; Miller, M. J.* “Is drugrelease necessary for antimicrobial activity of siderophore-drug conjugates? Syntheses and biological studies of the naturally occurringsalmycin ‘Trojan Horse’ antibiotics and synthetic desferridanoxamine-antibiotic conjugates.” Biometals 200922, 633648.

Original Research Articles (PhD):

Wencewicz, T. A.; Miller, M. J.* “Biscatecholate-monohydroxamate mixed ligand siderophore-carbacephalosporin conjugates are selective sideromycin antibiotics that target Acinetobacter baumannii.” J. Med. Chem. 201356, 40444052.

Wencewicz, T. A.; Long, T. E.; Möllmann, U.; Miller, M. J.* “Trihydroxamate siderophore-fluoroquinolone conjugates are selective sideromycin antibiotics that target Staphylococcus aureus.” Bioconjugate Chemistry 201324, 473486.
Wencewicz, T. A.; Oliver, A. G.; Miller, M. J.* “Iron(III)-templated macrolactonization of trihydroxamate siderophores.” Org. Lett. 201214, 43904393.
Mayfield, J. A.; Frederick, R. E.; Streit, B. R.; Wencewicz, T. A.; Ballou, D. P.; DuBois, J. L.* “Comprehensive spectroscopic, steady state, and transient kinetic studies of a representative siderophore-associated flavin monooxygenase.” J. Biol. Chem. 2010285, 3037530388.
Yan, S.; Miller, M. J.*; Wencewicz, T. A.; Möllmann, U. “Syntheses and biological evaluation of new cephalosporin-oxazolidinone conjugates.” Med. Chem. Commun20101, 145148.
Yan, S.; Miller, M. J.*; Wencewicz, T. A.; Möllmann, U. “Syntheses and antibacterial activity studies of new
oxazolidinones from nitroso Diels-Alder chemistry.” Bioorg. & Med. Chem. Lett. 201020, 13021305.

Original Resarch Articles (Undergraduate):

Ali, M. H.*; Hedell, J.; Wencewicz, T. “Oxidation of sulfides to sulfoxides with 1,3-dibromo-5,5-dimethylhydantoin in the presence of hydrated silica gel.” Journal of Sulfur Chemistry 2009, 30, 160166.

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