College Writing 1

Writing is a creative process through which you can explore the ideas of others and develop new ones of your own.  Writing is also a craft, through which you communicate those ideas to others in clear, coherent prose.  In this course, you will learn both the process and the craft of writing.  You will learn how to analyze written texts in order to reach a deeper understanding of their content and style.  You will have the opportunity to try several different types of writing, including a personal essay, visual and rhetorical analyses, an argumentative essay, and research writing.  You will learn how to tailor your arguments to persuade different audiences in different situations.  In addition to learning the conventions of writing, such as essay structure, grammar, and citation format, you will have the opportunity to share your ideas with other writers and revise your work based on constructive feedback.  These challenges are designed to help you develop your ideas and communicate them to others in your own unique voice.

Registration Information

Before registering for College Writing 1, each student should speak with his or her advisor to obtain a semester placement assignment.

College Writing Program Office Location

The College Writing Program is in Ridgley Hall, Room 216.  Enter Ridgley through the main doors (main entrance to Holmes Lounge).  Turn left, go up the stairs to the 2nd floor.  Room 216 is the first office on the right.

Initial Course Placement

Most students place directly into College Writing 1 and will take the course either in fall or spring semester of their first year of study. (Advisors have pre-assigned semester placement information. Students should not register for Writing 1 until they know which semester they have been assigned to take the course.) Students enrolled in IPH/Text & Tradition or Law & Society programs take a linked Writing 1 course. In order to fulfill the first year writing requirement, students in all sections must earn a C- or better in the course. Students who earn a grade of D+ or lower will take additional writing coursework. (In most cases, they will be required to re-take College Writing 1.)

Doreen Salli

Assistant Director
Peter Monahan

Office Manager & Mentor
Greg Ott

(314) 935-4899