Summer Research

Biol 500S. Summer Independent Research (Fall)

Important: Bio 500S units post to fall schedules and count towards the 21.0 total units per semester allowed by the College of Arts & Sciences (each unit > 21.0 will cost the student additional tuition).

Summer research under the supervision of a faculty sponsor. Prerequisites: junior or senior standing and permission of sponsor and the department. Credit/No Credit or Audit grade options; credit to be determined in each case, usually 3 units/summer; may be repeated for credit in different summers.  Because this course has a large number of sections, some sections are listed and enrolled as Bio 500T. Credits are received in the fall semester following the summer research. If work is to be submitted for Latin honors, see p. 3, Latin Honors Through a Biology Major Program. Arrangements for registration should be completed no later than the end of Summer Session I.  Visit the Bio 200/500 course information page for details and registration instructions.  K. Olsen

Other Summer Research Opportunities

The Washington University Office of Undergraduate Research also offers funding and programs for students interested in undertaking research projects over the summer.  The programs are not for credit.  For more information please visit the Office of Undergraduate Research Funding & Programs page here: