Previous Studies

The following studies are no longer recruiting.

Happiness Study:

This on-going project began in the Spring of 2012. This project concerns the relationship between various mood states over time. We are interested in how the induction of certain mood states (e.g., negative affect) may impact the activation of other subsequently inducted mood states (e.g., positive affect). We will explore whether social anxiety and paranoia levels influence these relationships.  

Personality and Behavior over Time:

We are collecting data examining personality and behavior over time. As an adjunct to this study some participants may be invited to carry an Android telephone device that can assess daily personality and behavior.

Additional current projects include several collaborations with researchers in the School of Medicine and two projects concerning the dot probe task as a possible treatment tool.


Other studies no longer recruiting:

Decision Making Study

Online Survey of Treatment Preferences

“Anxious in Social Situations” Social Phobia/Social Anxiety Disorder Assessment Study

“Confident in Most Social Situations” Assessment Study

Focus on Relationships (FoR) Study

"Nervous About Public Speaking?" Study