All documents must be sent to Blake Thornton at The email subject line must read "ARTU application submission"

  • Updated CV and Brief Statement:
    An updated CV at most 1 page long, and a brief statement describing your professional, academic, and/or career goals. The statement should address why you think you can benefit from ARTU and how it fits into your future career plans. The statement must be at most 1 page. A few well thought out, concise, paragraphs are sufficient. Please send both documents in PDF format.
  • Two letters of recommendation:
    Two brief letters of support from faculty members who are familiar with your mathematical background and skills. The letter may be sent also as text in an email. Give your writer at least a 1 week notice. You may refer them to this website for further information.
  • Important: Please do not send other documents. The Executive Committee can accesss your university transcript.

Selection Process

The selection process is highly competitive. However, all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are elligible to apply.

  • Academic Records:
    Strong academic records are the primary qualification. The grade average in previous undergraduate mathematics and physics courses is a factor taken into account by ARTU's Selection Committee. High grades in 400 or 500 level or graduate courses in mathematics, physics, or computer science, are taken into consideration.
  • Interview:
    The Selection Committee will select finalists and conduct an informal interview with each of them. The interview helps the faculty assess the student's motivation and interests, and helps match students with faculty members who share similar research interests. The student need not express an interest in a particular research area during the interview, in which case ARTU does the match. You need not prepare for the interview, but be ready to ask any questions you may have about the program expectations (see the Keep in Mind section in ARTU Main Page). Interviews will be conducted in November. Students will be notified of the status of their application by the end of classes.
  • Selecting an Advisor:
    You must select an advisor before you are officially admitted into the ARTU program. You can and shoud start this process immediately! Talk to math faculty about research options with them. The most competitive applications will contain:
    • In your statement: possible advisors that you have talked to about ARTU.
    • In your letters of recommendation: a statement that your letter writing is willing to take you on as an ARTU student
  • Taking the Initiative:
    If you are interested in ARTU and you have done well in your math courses, please inquire with Ronald Freiwald or Blake Thornton, of the ARTU Selection Committee. They can help you and guide you in the preparation of your application. Everyone interested must go through the usual application process and meet the deadlines.
  • We specifically encourage women and minorities to apply.