Bio 200/500 Independent Research Mentor List

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Samuel Achilefu Ph. D. cancer, Optical molecular imaging, molecular probe, near infrared, peptide
Rebecca Aft M.D. Ph.D. cancer, pathogenesis, tumor biology
Gustav Akk Ph.D. GABA, ion channel, neurophysiology, nicotinic receptor, pharmacology, structure-function relations
Jennifer Alexander-Brett, M.D., Ph.D. Respiratory immunobiology, with particular interest in cytokine pathways associated with lung epithelial progenitors
Jennifer Alexander-Brett, MD, PhD cytokine networks, epithelial cell biology, pulmonary disease, biochemistry, animal models, human studies
Tarek Alhamad, MD, MS, FACP, FASN Simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplantation, donation after cardiac death, immunosuppression minimization.
Gaya K. Amarasinghe Ph.D. interferon, viral infection, structural biology, signaling, biochemistry
Beau Ances M.D. Ph.D. Alzheimer’s disease, HIV, Down Syndrome, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, Autoimmune encephalitis
Usha P. Andley, Ph.D. aging, protein structure, cell cycle, proteomics, cataract
Vivek Arora, MD prostate and bladder cancer
Kareem Azab, Ph.D. Cancer Biology, metastasis mechanisms, drug resistance, personalized medicine, tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, targeted therapy, nanotherapy.
Martha W. Bagnall, Ph.D. behavior, balance, zebrafish, neuroscience, spinal cord
Dennis L. Barbour M.D. Ph.D. neurobiology, neurophysiology, hearing, sensation, perception, cognitive processing, human-computer interfaces
Wayne M. Barnes Ph.D. neurobiology, neurophysiology, hearing, sensation, perception, cognitive processing, human-computer interfaces
Rebecca Bart Ph.D. When plant disease occurs, it can be devastating to farmers and consumers. Pesticides are often employed in an attempt to limit spread, further adding to the total cost of disease.
Eli Baskir, M.S. The Behavior Lab at the Saint Louis Zoo studies animal behavior in a variety of species and contexts.
Steven Bassnett Ph.D. apoptosis, cataract, differentiation, imaging, stem cells, Marfan syndrome, fibrillin
Luis F.Z. Batista Ph.D. stem cells; iPS cells; telomerase; DNA repair; DNA damage; tissue dysfunction; telomeres
Jeffrey Bednarski, M.D., Ph.D. B cell development, DNA damage response, regulation of gene expression
Yehuda Ben-Shahar Ph.D. We study the evolutionary, genetic, molecular, cellular, and behavioral mechanisms underlying the interaction of animals with their physical and social environments.