Impeachment timeline

Since Nov. 18, 2019, this timeline is no longer being updated. However, the media sites linked below supply more up-to-date information.

useful media timelines

  • Teri Kanefield, "Ukraine Story TImeline," Trump Impeachment website.
  • Washington Post, "What's next in the Trump impeachment inquiry, and will Trump cooperate with it?" -- Full Inquiry Calendar; also a handy retrospective "The full Trump-Ukraine impeachment timeline"
  • NY Times, "The Trump Impeachment Inquiry: Latest Updates." Includes running accounts of who has testified, who has refused, what has been learned

Continuing updates to a procedural timeline

Jul 26 House Judiciary chair Nadler, announcing lawsuit to obtain grand jury material from DoJ, says Judiciary Cmte is pursuing a de facto impeachment inquiry

Aug 8 Nadler says “This is formal impeachment proceedings”

Sep 13 House Intel chair Schiff subpoenas Maguire to obtain whistleblower report

Sep 18 Schiff letter to DNI

Sep 22 In press conf at UN, Pres. Trump admits speaking with Ukraine Pres. Zelensky specifically about Biden

Sep 24 Following a caucus of House Democrats, Speaker Pelosi announces that an impeachment inquiry is officially underway

Sep 26 Release of whistleblower complaint; public testimony of Acting DNI Maguire

Oct. 6 Trump calls for impeachment of Pelosi, Schiff. See Fox News article.

Oct 8 White House cancels EU Amb. Sondland testimony; WH Counsel writes letter to Speaker and House Committee Chairs calling impeachment inquiry illegitimate.

Oct. 13 Trump threatens to sue Pelosi, Schiff over impeachment. See OANN article.

Oct. 16 Senate Majority Leader McConnell presentation to Republican Caucus on anticipated impeachment trial timetable -- see Washington Post report

Oct. 21 Pelosi releases "fact sheet" of charges and evidence against Trump

Oct. 31 House votes to adopt procedures for further impeachment process, including public hearings and release of transcripts from previous witnesses.

Closed committee testimony

  • 10/4 Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson
  • 10/4 Kurt Volker, fmr U.S. Representative for Ukraine Negotiations (who released text messages between himself, Sondland, Taylor)
  • 10/11 Fmr. Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch opening statement
  • 10/14 Fmr. NSC Aide Fiona Hill re Bolton reactions, among other things: NY Times report
  • 10/15 Dep. Asst. Sec of State George Kent
  • 10/16 Michael McKinley, who resigned in protest as top aide to Pompeo NY Times report
  • 10/17 EU Amb. Gordon Sondland opening statement
  • 10/22 Acting Ukraine Amb. William Taylor opening statement
  • 10/23 Dep. Asst. Sec. of Defense Laura Cooper (following a 5-hr delay due to demonstration by Republican non-members of the committees).
    • NY Times report including an annotated version of the letter sent by top Defense Department brass warning Cooper that her testifying would breach administration policy (per WH Oct. 8 letter to Congress). Like some of the other witnesses, she was immediately issued a subpoena by the committee and elected to respond as it ordered.
  • 10/26 Philip Reeker WaPo article), Acting Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs, who alerted State Dept. officials of attempt to "smear" Yovanovitch.
  • 10/29 Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, NSC Ukraine expert who sat in on the Trump-Zelensky phone call. Opening statement from WaPo. NY Times story on testimony.
  • 10/30 Christopher Anderson and Catherine Croft, two Ukraine experts who advised Kurt D. Volker, the former United States special envoy
  • 10/31 NSC Russia and Europe director Timothy Morrison
  • 11/5 Sondland provides revision of his previous testimony. According to this NY Times article, he had originally said he "never" thought there was any precondition to Ukraine military aid; now says he told Ukrainian officials in a Sep. 1 meeting (on the occasion of VP Pence's visit to Ukraine) that release of the funds would not occur until Pres. Zelensky made a public statement on a corruption investigation.
  • 11/6 Undersec. of State David Hale
  • 11/7 Pence national security aide Jennifer Williams

Nov. 4-11 House committees released full transcripts from several witnesses' closed-door testimony

Public testimony

  • Wed. 11/13: Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor; State Dept. Europe expert George P. Kent
  • Fri. 11/15: former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovich
  • Tue. 11/19: fmr. NSC Russia expert Tim Morrison; fmr. Ukraine special envoy Kurt D. Volker; Pence nat. sec. aide Jennifer Williams; NSC Ukraine expert Alexander S. Vindman
  • Wed. 11/20: EU Ambassador Gordon D. Sondland; State Department official David Hale; Defense Department official Laura K. Cooper.
  • Thu. 11/21: fmr. White House nat. sec. aide Fiona Hill

House Intel Committee Republicans' memo (Nov. 12, 2019) on defense points prior to public hearings

Under subpoena for documents or testimony

  • VP Pence for documents (declines)
  • Sec. of State Pompeo (declines in part)
  • Sec. of Energy Perry (declines to testify at this time)
  • OMB Director and acting CoS Mulvaney
  • Following up on Taylor testimony: OMB acting director Russell Vought and OMB official Michael Duffey (who oversees national security programs) and State Department counselor T. Ulrich Brechbuhl (see this Oct. 25 NY Times article)
  • former National Security Adviser John Bolton
  • former Deputy National Security Adviser Charles Kupperman declined to appear 10/28; asked Court 10/25 whether he has to obey committee subpoena or contrary instructions from White House, asserting "constitutional immunity" or "absolute" immunity acc. to NY Times
  • Trump "counsel" Rudy Giuliani (declines)
  • Giuliani associates Sam Kislin (cooperating); Lev Parnas, and Igor Fruman (under indictment; lawyers have said they decline)
  • other White House officials for additional documents concerning Zelensky conversation