Secession and Reconstruction: A time line

There’s another nice timeline on the Harper’s Weekly website

1860: Lincoln's election; efforts to stave off secession
Nov.: Lincoln elected
Dec.: compromise efforts in Congress: Corwin committee, Crittenden amendments
Dec. 20: SC secedes

1861: Secession and war
Jan.: Virginia legislature calls for Washington Peace Conference
Jan.: secessions by MS (9th), FL (10th), AL (11th), GA (19th), LA (26th); TX (on Feb. 1)
Feb.: Washington Peace Conference
Feb.-Mar.: all proposed compromises fail in Congress
Feb.: CSA established (7 states)
Mar. 4-28: special session of 37th Congress called by Buchanan
  -- Senate 33R-10D-9 other (12 already withdrawn due to secession)
  -- House 86R-72D-26 other (28 already withdrawn)

Mar. 4: Lincoln inaugurated
Apr.: Civil War begins (firing on Ft. Sumter, Apr. 12; Lincoln issues call for state troops, Apr. 15)
Apr.-May: upper South secessions: VA (Apr. 17, ratified by referendum May 23); AR (May 6); TN (May 7, ratified June 8); NC (May 20)
Jul. 4-Aug. 6: special session of 38th Congress called by Lincoln
Aug.: Congress passes Confiscation Act (forbidding return of slaves to Confederate military)
Dec. 2: regular session of 38th Congress begins

1862: Emancipation becomes a military issue and a war aim
Sept. 22: Lincoln issues preliminary Emancipation Proclamation

1863: Emancipation; earliest provisions for Reconstruction
Jan.: Emancipation Proclamation takes effect with a 2nd Proclamation, applying to all Confederate states except TN, WV portion of VA, and New Orleans region of LA.
May: War Dept. creates Bureau of Colored Troops and raises first Black regiments
Dec.: Lincoln announces 10% plan
Dec.: 38th Congress convenes regular session:

Mar.: Grant named General-in-Chief
Apr 8: Senate passes Emancipation (13th) Amendment, 38-6
June 15: Emancipation Amendment fails in the House 93-65, thirteen short of the required 2/3
July: 38th Congress passes Wade-Davis bill (Lincoln pocket-vetoes)
Sept.: fall of Atlanta
Nov.: Lincoln re-elected

1865: The War ends; presidential Reconstruction is accomplished
Jan.: 38th House passes Emancipation (13th) Amendment: 119-56
March: 38th Congress creates Freedmen’s Bureau; adjourns
Mar 4-11: 39th Congress opening session
April: Lee surrenders to Grant
April: Lincoln assassinated
May: President Johnson announces presidential reconstruction plan
May-Dec. southern states call conventions, ratify 13th, elect officials, write Black Codes
Dec.: 39th Congress opens 1st regular session. At that time:
  -- Senate 37 R - 10 D - 3 other (22 not seated)
  -- House 132 R - 40 D - 19 other (50 not seated)

Dec. 18: Seward proclaims 13th Amendment ratified
Dec.: Congress refuses to seat the new Southern representatives selected under President Johnson’s reconstruction plan; establishes Joint Committee on Reconstruction

1866: Radical Republicans take control
Feb.: Congress approves renewal of Freedmen’s Bureau (vetoed; strengthened and passed over veto in July)
April: Congress passes Civil Rights Act (over President Johnson’s veto)
June: Congress passes proposed equal protection (14th) amendment: 33-11 in the Senate and 138-36 in the House
July: TN ratifies 14th and is readmitted to Congress
Aug.: President Johnson’s “swing around the circle” campaign trip for Cong. election

1867: Congress defines Reconstruction
Mar.: 39th Congress passes First Reconstruction Act (re-entry) and Tenure of Office Act
Mar.: 40th Congress convenes (immediately upon adjournment of 39th)
  -- Senate 45R-8D (20 not seated, 1 other vacant) (only 51 present)
  -- House 140R-45D-3 other (50 not seated, 5 others vacant) (only 155 present)

Mar.: Congress passes Second Reconstruction Act (military role)
Aug.: President Johnson proposes to fire Sec. of War Stanton
Dec.: McCardle argued

1868: congressional Reconstruction substantially accomplished
Jan.: Congress disapproves Stanton firing; Johnson tries to replace him anyway
Feb.: impeachment process begins
Mar.: Congress removes McCardle from SC jurisdiction
Apr.-May: impeachment trial in Senate; May 16 Johnson acquitted
June-July: AR, NC, SC, LA, AL, FL readmitted
July: 14th Amendment declared ratified
Nov.: Grant elected president

Feb.: Congress passes proposed Voting Rights (15th) Amendment
Mar.: inauguration of Grant
Apr.: Supreme Court’s Texas v. White decision
Apr.: Supreme Court’s McCardle decision, accepting the loss of jurisdiction

Jan.: VA readmitted
Feb.: MS readmitted
Mar.: TX readmitted
Dec.: GA finally re-readmitted