Postdoctoral Researchers


B. Hunter Ball, Ph.D

Dr. Ball’s research in the domain of human cognition has concerned elucidating the cognitive processes involved in several interrelated aspects of learning and memory. More specifically, he investigates the role of memory and attention control in planning and coordination of future actions (i.e., prospective memory), individual differences in the maintenance and retrieval of goal-relevant information (i.e., working memory), encoding and retrieval of information in long-term memory (i.e., episodic memory), and monitoring and regulation of one’s own cognition (i.e., metamemory). Within each of these domains, a central question concerns age-related changes in these processes. Additionally, an important aspect of Dr. Ball’s research program is the use of converging operations to provide a more nuanced understanding of a particular phenomenon by providing complimentary conclusions using multiple research techniques. Thus, his research draws on traditions from experimental psychology, differential psychology, mathematical modeling, and neuroscience to empirically investigate these different aspects of learning and memory.

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