Admission for Academic Year 2017-2018

Selection Criteria:

  • Students must have earned or be in the process of earning an undergraduate degree from a U.S. institution.
  • Students will be selected for the Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship, who, in light of all pertinent academic qualifications, experiences and attributes, would contribute to the diversity of graduate education at Washington University. Students should have a strong interest in becoming a college or university professor.
  • The University believes that student body diversity entails many dimensions, and is advanced on campus by having a broad variety of cultural, socioeconomic, gender, racial, ethnic, geographical, philosophical/religious, and other distinctive backgrounds and perspectives (e.g., first generation college graduates, experience facing personal or financial hardship).

Steps for Applying:

In advance of initiating an application, applicants will need:

  • To identify the three recommenders who wrote your letters for admission. They will be asked to upload the same letters to this application. 
  • A fourth letter of reference from an original recommender or another, that addresses those qualities sought in a Chancellor's Graduate Fellow.
  • To upload a CV.
  • To submit an essay that should be about 750 words, addressing all three of the below prompts specifically. 
  1. Discuss your academic goals and what you hope to achieve from advanced study.  What might you gain from your participation in the Chancellor's Fellowship Program?
  2. Discuss how your enrollment here would contribute to diversity of the graduate experience. What unique perspectives could you offer?
  3. Discuss your interest in becoming a faculty member.  What has stimulated this interest?

Application Procedure:

You must first fill out and submit your appropriate online application for admission. Be certain that you apply by your department/School application due date. 

All applications must be submitted through the online process. No paper applications will be accepted.

Eligible programs include:

Once you have applied for admission to one of the programs above, please fill out the online application for the Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship.     

The application will accept only PDF files and all must be free of social security numbers and birth dates. For transcripts from previous schools that you have attended, request an electronic copy that omits social security numbers and birth dates. You may also use white-out or a black marker to hide these identifiers before uploading unofficial transcripts.

The closing date for receiving completed Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship applications is January 25, 2017.