September 26, 2016

New CGF Logo Comes to Life

Yvonne Osei, ’16, Chancellor’s Graduate Fellow alumna in Visual Arts, has created a new vibrant CGF logo using not just her superior design skills, but also her deep understanding and love for the Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship.

Read more to learn about Yvonne’s creative process….

Concept and Design of CGF Logo (finalized in 2016)

The Chancellor Graduate Fellowship (CGF) logo is inspired by and dedicated to the ambitions, brilliance, creativity, academic excellence and professional successes of all past, current and future fellows. My two years of experience in the fellowship was characterized by a sincere and mutual regard for cross-academic research, cultural diversity, friendship, and the pursuit of the professoriate to influence other generations.

The three-letter initial logo is to capture a sense of integration and interconnectedness. The logo merges the letters ‘C’, ‘G’ and ‘F’ together into one circular and maze-like symbol with uniform thickness. The outer circular form represents a shared direction and vision, whereas the inner maze-like structure consisting of vertical and horizontal strokes represent intersections of difference in academic approaches, cultural backgrounds, and the actualization of meaningful collaborations.

The logo design loosely references an Adinkra symbol titled Sankofa from my home country, Ghana. Sankofa means “Go back and fetch it”.  As a fellowship that upholds diversity, it was important for me to find inspiration in my roots, and to remind co-fellows to never forget their roots and their journey.  Using yellow, as a dominant color in the design was to literally and metaphorically depict brilliance. The color carries a charge, warmth, youthfulness and an excitement that sets each fellow apart as outstanding and full of promise.

--Yvonne Osei, CGF alumna, MFA ’16, Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts