October 8, 2012

Three Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship Program alumni appear in former CGFP Director & GSAS Dean Notaro’s new book

August 2012 saw a virtual reunion of  the Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship Program:  Dr. Sheri Notaro, former associate dean and director of the Chancellor’s Fellowship Program (currently associate dean for inclusion and professional development at Cornell University), edited the anthology Health Disparities Among Under-served Populations:  Implications for Research, Policy and Praxis, published by Emerald Group Publishing.

Along with Dr. Notaro, the following CGFP alumni contributed essays: Portia Adams, assistant professor of Social Work at West Virginia University (PhD, 2003, Social Work ), D. Lisa Cothran, associate professor at Alabama State University (PhD, 2005, Psychology) and Maurice Gattis, assistant professor of Social Work, University of Wisconsin Madison (PhD, 2010, Social Work).