Frequently Asked Questions


How long do your studies take?

Our studies typically take about 10 to 15 minutes. However, we ask for parents to plan on spending about 45 minutes for the entire visit. This includes parking, warming up with the child, doing the study and answering any questions after the study is complete. 

Is there free parking?

Yes! All participants receive free parking at our designated parking spot, right in front of the psychology building. When you arrive for your visit, a research assitant will meet you at your parking spot and walk you up to our lab. For details about the location of the parking spot, please see the driving direction tab. 

Can I be with my child the entire time?

Yes! Parents are welcome to stay with their child while the study takes place. However, we ask that you please refrain from interacting with your child to ensure that you do not influence their responses. 

I have more than one child. Is it okay to bring everyone?

Of course! You are more than welcome to bring all of your children. They are welcome to play games in the playroom with you or with a member of our research team while the study is taking place. 

Do I or my child receive anything for participating?

As a thank you for your participation, children may choose a small gift. 

Will I find out the results of my child's performance?

In general, we are most interested in what children typically do during a particular age. We are not specifically examining the results of individual children. However, we would be happy to tell you about your child's performance and the progress of our study so far. You can also read the newsletter to learn more about our completed studies.