Undergraduate Research Assistantships


As a research assistant at the Cognition & Development Lab, you will be involved in all aspects of research, which includes recruiting participants, creating study stimuli, testing participants, coding behaviors, analyzing data, and critically thinking about research questions. 


The Cognition & Development lab is interested in how children start to understand people, language, and the world around them. Our studies focus on social-cognitive development that investigate children's understanding of social dynamics, people from different racial groups, others' preferences, and more. You can check out our Current Studies tab to learn more about ongoing studies. You can also read our latest Newsletter to see what studies have been done in the past.


During the academic year, we require a commitment of 6 to 9 hours a week, plus one hour for weekly lab meetings. Students typically receive 3 credits (9 hours) or 2 credits (6 hours) for their research asssistantships. We require a minimum of 6 hour commitment for all research assistants.

We work with children 12 months to 7 years of age so lab hours require availabilities in the morning, generally between 9am to 12pm. We also require at least 2 semesters of commitment.


In the summer, we ask for a commitment of weekday mornings (generally 9am to 1pm) and occassional weekend hours. RAs typically work 20 hours a week. Summer research assistantships require a commitment from the beginning of June to the beginning of August. If you are a WashU student, there are stipend opportunities available through the Career Center and the Office of Undergraduate Research.


If you are interested in joining our lab, please fill out the APPLICATION FORM (click here to downloadand EMAIL it to Laura Hennefield (laura.hennefield@gmail.com). Please include a résumé or CV with the application. After we receive your application, you will be contacted for a brief in-person interview. If you are a non-WashU student, we require a letter of recommendation and a brief phone/Skype interview. Please contact Laura for questions or more information. 


We are currently accepting applications for the academic year and summer.