April 26, 2019

CPAC VII: Authoritarianism and its Legacies in Democracy

Seigle Hall, Room 248
Scholars at this year’s conference will discuss their work on the persistence of authoritarian tendencies under democratic institutions. The invited speakers include: Rachel Beatty Riedl (Northwestern University), Volha Charnysh (MIT), Anne Meng (University of Virginia), Leonid Peisakhin (NYU - Abu Dhabi), Grigore Pop-Eleches (Princeton University), Bryn Rosenfeld (University of Southern California), Arturas Rozenas (New York University), and Yiqing Xu (University of California-San Diego).
April 27, 2018

CPAC VI: Who Represents Us?

Seigle Hall, Room 248
This year’s conference will explore different dimensions of descriptive representation, and how descriptive representation shapes policy outcomes. The invited speakers include: Tiffany Barnes (Kentucky), Nick Carnes (Duke), Simon Chauchard (Darmouth), Amanda Clayton (Vanderbilt), Diana O’Brien (Texas-AM), Johanna Rickne (Stockholm), and Leslie Schwindt-Bayer (Rice).
April 28, 2017

CPAC V: Social Identity and Politics

Siegle Hall, Room 248
The conference will consider how social identity, broadly defined, impacts politics in both advanced and developing democracies. The invited speakers include: Lindsay J. Benstead (Portland State University), Melani Cammett (Harvard University), Sara Wallace Goodman (University of California, Irvine), John D. Huber (Columbia University), Rahsaan Maxwell (University of North Carolina), John F. McCauley (University of Maryland), and Sam Whitt (High Point University). Also attending will be Sarah Brierley (UCLA) and George Ofosu (UCLA), both of whom will join the faculty at Washington University in St. Louis in the fall of 2017.
April 29, 2016

CPAC IV: Accountability and Responsiveness

Seigle Hall, Room 248
The conference will examine issues broadly related to political accountability and representation. The invited speakers include: Elizabeth Carlson (Pennsylvania State University), Gabriel Lenz (UC Berkeley), Neil Malhotra (Stanford University), Gwyneth McClendon (Harvard University), Kristin Michelitch (Vanderbilt University), Jennifer Pan (Stanford University), Bing Powell (University of Rochester), and Mike Tomz (Stanford University).
May 1, 2015

CPAC III: Crossing Borders

Seigle Hall, Room 248
The conference will examine issues broadly related to immigration, including public opinion and attitudes, vote choice and political parties, as well as trade and investment. Participants include Claire Adida (UCSD), Terri Givens (UT-Austin), Jens Hainmueller (Stanford), Dominik Hangartner (LSE), Jonathan Hiskey (Vanderbilt), Kyung Joon Han (UT), David Leal (UT-Austin), Maggie Peters (Yale), and Jeremy Wallace (OSU)
May 2, 2014

CPAC II: Causes and Consequences of Socio-Economic Inequality

Seigle Hall 248

For the 2014 conference the invited speakers include Michael Albertus (Chicago), Pablo Beramendi (Duke), Branko Milanović (World Bank/UMD), Ana de la O (Yale), Jonathan Rodden (Stanford), and Philipp Rehm (Ohio State).

May 3, 2013

CPAC I: Pathologies of Elections

Seigle Hall 248
The 2013 CPAC focuses on "Pathologies of Elections" which we understand as barriers to accurate representation of voters’ preferences in the electoral process. Invited speaker include Leonardo R. Arriola (UC-Berkeley), Daniel Corstange (Columbia University), Timothy Hellwig (Indiana University, Bloomington), Lanny W. Martin (Rice University), and Jonathan Slapin (University of Houston)