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Mark Goodacre's NT Gateway
Bibles Repository
Biblical E-Texts at UPennsylvania
BST Interlinear Bible
Dead Sea Scrolls Open Scrolls Project
GNT Browser with Parsing (Zack Hubert)
GNT Greek Browser with textual variants (LaParola)
Greek NT Editions
Greek NT (Fowler)
Greek NT (Symbol font/no punctuation)
GNT NA26 (Large-text-Tony Fisher)
Greek NT Notes
Greek and Hebrew Reader's Bible
Kata Biblon NT, WET, Wiki Lexicon
MorphGNT (James Tauber)
NT: Greek New Testament Bibbia
Online Critical Pseudepigrapha (OT)
Online Greek NT (Bremen)
Open Text (annotated GNT Texts)
Parakalupsis (Bibles, Patrology, etc.)
Parallel MT and LXX
Septuagint On-line
The Septuagint
Text Excavation (texts of ancient Jud-Chn tradition
UBS GNT Transliterated & Parsed
Westcott & Hort GNT at Perseus


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