November 26, 2018

Environmental influences on the expression of aggressive behaviour in English Cocker Spaniels Author links open overlay panel

435 cocker spaniels were aggression-tested with survey questions that their owners submitted answers to. The study was done to find out the environmental factors that resulted in aggressive vs unaggressive dogs.


First of all, the difference in demographics: the only significant difference was that the low aggression group had more senior owners while the high aggression group had more owners between 25 and 34 years old.

High aggression dogs were obtained usually for just pet use, while low aggression dogs were often obtained as working or show dogs.

Respondents in the high aggression group reported being much less attached to their dogs than the low aggression group.

Pet shop dogs were all high aggression.

Significantly more dogs from the high aggression group had an illness before 16 weeks of age.

Dogs in the low aggression group were groomed significantly more often.

Low aggression dogs received significantly longer exercise/walking periods.

Solid colors in the high aggression group, particolors in the low aggression group (nature).


However, none of these are causal conclusions, and are mostly anecdotal, even if they are highly correlated. 


Summarized  by Aidan Ryan 11/26/2018