"A retrospective study of clinical signs and epidemiology of chronic valve disease in a group of 207 Dachshunds in Poland"

Mitral valve disease is a condition of the mitral valve where the valve allows blood to flow backwards into the let atrium. This causes the heart to not pump enough blood out of the left ventricular chamber to supply the body with oxygen-filled blood. This disease can be frequently seen in dachshunds, and the most common valvular disease seen in dogs (although is most common in small breeds). An analysis was conducted at a small animal clinic at Warsaw University of Life Science to examine the prevelance of the disease in dachshunds. They analysized information on the animal's hisotry, clinical examination, and echocardiographic examination on 207 dachshunds. The study included 35 healthy dachshunds and 172 dogs with the heart disease. The dachshunds with heart disease were almost all diagnosed with the chronic valve disease. These dachshunds most often had leasions of the mitral valve. The disease occured more frequently in males than females (104 vs. 68). The avergae age of the dogs that had the disease was around 11 or 12. The most common clinical symptom seen by owners was coughing, although the disease was also seen to be accompanied by exercise intolerance and dyspnea and tachypnea (shortness or rapid breaths). Only 14 of the dogs were asymptomatic. An electrocardiogram was performed on 53 of the dachshunds with the disease, and it showed that there was increased heart rate and more frequent signs of left heart enlargement with increase disease severity. This disease can be found with a common veterinary check-up, most often diagnosed with a heart-murmur. 

Garncarz, Magdalena. Parzeniecka-Jaworska, Marta. Jank, Michal. Łój, Magdalena. A retrospective study of clinical signs and epidemiology of chronic valve disease in agroup of 207 Dachshunds in Poland. Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica. 55. 1-6.