Classes will start on July 30th and end on August 17th.

Economics 508A

Econ 508A is a two-week course on essential mathematical tools for a first-year graduate student in Economics, Political Science or some of the Business disciplines.

Class Time: Mon - Sat   TBA
Room: TBA
Tests: TBA
Test Room: TBA

Instructor: Junnan He
Office: Seigle 351
Office Hours: TBA

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Homework (old)
Class Notes (old)

notes (2017 Aug 20)

Normed space and Contraction Mapping (Spring 2017)

Exercises on complete space Thanks to a student who wishes to be anonymous for sharing the notes  (Spring 2017)!


Economics 508B

Econ 508B is a two-week review class for incoming doctoral students in economics and other related fields. The primary goal of the class is to provide students with basic knowledge and skills necessary to complete the first-year econometrics sequence, and to equip them with basic knowledge of probability and statistical concepts that are used in the first-year macro and micro core courses.

Classes: Mon - Sat  TBA
Room: TBA
Test: TBA
Test Room: TBA

Instructor: TBA
Email: TBA
Office: TBA
Office Hours: TBA

(Course materials are to be updated weekly)

Syllabus (updated 07/20/2017)
Homework (updated 08/10/2017)
Class Notes (updated 08/17/2017)