May 20, 2013

Heading out!

Today's the day; St. Louis-Newark-New Delhi! I'm a little overly pleased that I managed to pack everything for the month in India in my carry-on; we'll see what regrets I have.

It's exciting; reading facebook updates from students who just graduated on Friday and who are off on a great new adventure and feeling much the same. The Commencement speech by Cory Booker has me thinking a great deal about what it means to create change in the world- balancing the big noble goals with concrete, daily, small acts that touch the individuals around us. As I work on generating "consequential outcomes" from my fellowship , I want to make sure I keep the focus broad enough to encompass ideas that would be meaningful at an individual level- not just at the univiersity curriculum leve.

Looking forward to posting from New Delhi in another 40 hours or so!

On the downside...