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Michael Botts Year/Degree: 1979 / M.A.
Employer: University of Alabama in Huntsville
Title: Senior Research Scientist
Robert Brackett Year/Degree: 1995 / Ph.D.
Employer: Bernstein Research, New York, NY
Title: Senior Research Analyst
Ian Clark Year/Degree: 1998 / A.M.
Employer: Berkshire School, Sheffield, MA
Title: Science Teacher
Mary Katherine (Kate) Crombie Year/Degree: 1997 / Ph.D.
Employer: Indigo Information Services
Title: OSIRIS-Rex Co-Investigator
Selby Cull-Hearth Year/Degree: 2011 / Ph.D.
Employer: Bryn Mawr College
Title: Associate Professor
Mary Ann Dale-Bannister Year/Degree: 1986 / M.A.
Employer: Daughters of Charity
Title: Programmer
Nigel Davies Year/Degree: 2003 / B.A.
Employer: Eastern Washington University
Title: Scientific Instructional Technician
Lisa G. Dunn Year/Degree: 1985 / M.A.
Employer: Colorado School of Mines Library
Title: Head Reference Librarian
Michele Sharon Eddy Year/Degree: 1984 / M.A.
Employer: Western Geophysical, Englewood, CO
Title: Analyst
Margo Helen Edwards Year/Degree: 1986 / M.A.
Employer: Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology; University of Hawaii; Honolulu, HI
Title: Director, Hawaii Mapping Research Group
Bethany Ehlmann Year/Degree: 2004 / B.A.
Employer: California Institute of Technology
Title: Professor
Valerie Fox Year/Degree: 2017 / Ph.D.
Employer: California Institute of Technology
Title: Postdoctoral Fellow
Abby Fraeman Year/Degree: 2014 / Ph.D.
Employer: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Title: Staff Scientist
Glen Martin Green Year/Degree: 1988 / Ph.D.
Employer: Indiana University
Title: Staff Scientist
Jennifer Griffes Year/Degree: 2006 / A.M.
Employer: California Institute of Technology
Title: Staff
Laurel Griggs Larsen Year/Degree: 2003 / A.M.
Employer:University of California Berkeley
Title: Associate Professor
Edward Albert Guinness Year/Degree: 1980 / Ph.D.
Employer: Dept. of Earth & Planetary Sciences Washington University; St. Louis, MO
Title: Senior Research Scientist
Tabatha Heet Year/Degree: 2009 / A.M.
Employer: National Geospatial-intelligence Agency
Title: Geodetic Earth Scientist
John Higdon Year/Degree: 1998 / A.M.
Employer: Orbital Image Corp., St. Louis, MO
Title: Staff Scientist
Noam Izenberg Year/Degree: 1996 / Ph.D.
Employer: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Title: Staff Scientist