Computer Information

The Earth and Planetary Remote Sensing Laboratory computer system spans across two main computing facilities located in Scott Rudolph Hall and the Power Plant building.  Thesystem includes workstations, servers, disk storage, and printers to support lab staff and students in their daily duties. 

Support hardware includes over 1 petabyte of data storage, 9 virtual servers which host over 100 virtual operating system instances, 10 Gb network fabric, and dedicated redundant hardware firewalls. All critical hardware is protected by battery backup systems to maintain service during short power outages.  Components are constantly monitored for performance and availability issues and technicians are alerted for human intervention when necessary.

The link below will bring you to the EPRSL Computer Help Pages website. The site is password protected to restrict access to EPRSL users only.  Along with a systems overview, it also has information on network drives, servers, projectors, printers, software, etc.