Potential "Gotchas"

The following is a list of potentially confusing situations.

The URL path for a page is determined when it is initially saved.

The URL paths for content within pages sites are automatically generated based on the menu settings and title when the a page is initially created. This means that to create ideal URL paths, you should always set the page's location in the menu when you initially create it.

"My content" only shows content you have authored.

If you are a member of a group with more than one individual creating content, the initial "My content" page will only show content you have created. To view all the content within a given site, click on the "view content" link next to the the relevant site on the "My content" page. This will display all published content within a site, regardless of who authored it. You will only be able to see unpublished content where YOU are the author.

Special considerations for users who are members of multiple sites:

When uploading files through the WYSIWYG, make sure you are uploading them into the correct folder for the site you are working in since you will see multiple folders as options. Also pay attention to the theme being displayed when you are creating content to make sure you are adding it to the correct site.