Bio 2651* - MedPrep I: The Lecture Series (fall, spring, and summer)

L41 Bio 2651Med Prep I - The Lecture Series1.0 Unit 

Greogory M. Polites, M.D.

Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine

Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine


MedPrep I (Bio 2651) is a unique lecture series taught by a physician, former medical school course master and current regional subcommittee chairman on the medical school admissions committee. Through a weekly 2-hour lecture, this course gives students accurate, honest, and detailed information regarding every step of the application and admissions process to medical school, the entire educational process including medical school and residency training and pros and cons of life of a physician. MedPrep I is particularly useful for freshman and sophomores in that it reviews the common pitfalls encountered by unsuccessful applicants to medical school and outlines the steps to take in each year of college to be a successful applicant when the time comes. There is no outside course work and no exams. Attendance at all classes is required. A $10 course fee applies. For more information, please see the MedPrep website at As of June 30, 2014 registration for MedPrep I will be done through WebSTAC, not through the Course website.


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* This course engages freshman in discussions about current information in the medical school application and admissions process. It is optional and does not replace requirements for the Biology major or for pre-health careers. See the Handbook for Biology Majors for details of Biology major requirements.

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