Bio 2950 - Introduction to Environmental Biology (fall)

L41 Bio 2950Introduction to Environmental Biology3.0 Units 

Eleanor Pardini, Ph.D.

Research Scientist and Lecturer, Department of Biology

Assistant Director Environmental Studies

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Description:Introduction to Environmental Biology is designed to teach important principles of environmental biology and general science literacy skills. We cover the foundational biological principles and contemporary issues within four main topics: human population growth, transfer of energy and carbon in the ecosystem, biodiversity, and food production. We focus on the biological principles involved as we examine these topics in the context of some contentious and confusing issues related to environmental biology in everyday life. The science literacy skills that you master in this course will help you address the issues you face in your everyday life regarding scientific and pseudoscientific claims about the environment and society and will form the foundation for your development as a critical consumer of science information in the media. This course is required for all environmental biology majors and the environmental studies minor.

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