L41 Bio 181* First-Year Seminar in Biology (fall)

L41 Bio 181

First-Year Seminar in Biology

1.0 Unit 

Paul S.G. Stein, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Biology
Neurosciences Program

Description:A lecture course intended for first-year students that focuses on the practice and culture of biological research. Active researchers describe the biological context of their research, the specific questions they have formulated, the means by which they pursue the answers, and their data and conclusions. The focus is on process: how biologists pursue their profession, what goes on in a research setting. Additional topics of clinical and contemporary interest are often included. Students are expected to attend all lectures. Enrollment is restricted to first-year students. Must be taken Credit/No Credit.

* This course engages freshman in discussions about current biological research. It is optional and does not replace requirements for the Biology major or for pre-health careers. See the Handbook for Biology Majors for details of Biology major requirements.

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