Bio 171* - First-Year Opportunity: Neuroscience Futures 1: How do we learn about the brain? (fall)

L41 Bio 171Neuroscience Futures 1: How do we learn about the Brain?1.0 Units

Mitch Kundel, PhD.

Lecturer, Department of Biology


In this seminar course for first-year students, students learn about how neurobiologists conduct and communicate research. We focus our discussion on primary research papers written by WUSTL neurobiologists, who visit the class to present their work. Discussion then focuses on the formulation of scientific questions, evaluation of evidence and interpreting data within the context of a broader field. Students meet neuroscience colleagues in two joint class periods with participants in a neurobiology seminar for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students.

* This course engages freshman in discussions about current biological research. It is optional and does not replace requirements for the Biology major or for pre-health careers. See the Handbook for Biology Majors for details of Biology major requirements.

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