The Curriculum

Students accepted into the Global MedPrep Scholars Program - Shanghai will spend the fall semester of their sophomore, junior, or senior year at Fudan University - one of China's most prestigious universities. Located in Shanghai, Fudan University is world renown for its international exchange programs, having established relationships with ninety-five university and research institutions from more than twenty countries and regions througout the world.  

Through the Global MedPrep Scholars Program prehealth students interested in global health and international medicine have the opportunity to spend an entire semester in a structured academic curriculum that will strengthen one's skill set for a health related career while allowing ample time for sightseeing and cultural exchange. By following a few simple scheduling modifications, students will be able to off-load specific prerequisite science courses in order to enjoy this semester in a stress free and relaxed manner without delaying one's application to medical school or study time for the MCAT. 

This semester-long program is geared toward students planning a career in medicine, public health, medical anthropology, or other health-related fields. The semester coursework includes Chinese language study and health-related courses taught in English that focus on China. In additional, the Global MedPrep Scholars Program has partnered with the Fudan School of Public Health to offer a robust schedule of field experiences such as visits to hospitals, clinics, and community centers; a symposium series, and other activities to supplement the classroom coursework. 

In order to be able to compare and contrast the health care systems in U.S. and China, all Global MedPrep Scholars are be offered a spot in MedPrep II in the semester of their choice when they return to St. Louis.  

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All students who are accepted as Global MedPrep Scholars will take the following classes below. All courses, except for Chinese language study, are taught in English. 

Chinese Language (6 credits) - Judy Mu, PhD
Students will enroll in a Chinese course at the appropriate level. It is not necessary that a student has studied the Chinese language in the past but an interest in Chinese language and culture is an aspect of one's application to the Global MedPrep Scholars Program that will be looked upon favorably. During the semester, students will be paired with a Chinese language partner who will ensure a unique, supportive, and immersive experience in the Chinese language. Students will not just learn how to speak Chinese but will also learn how to write as well. In addition to the Chinese language study which is a 5-credit course, all students will complete a pass/fail Capstone project equal to 1-credit. This brings the total number of credits for this experience to 6 credits. 

Culture, Health and Medical Practices in Contemporary China (3 credits) - Jianfeng Zhu, PhD
Drawing upon insights from medical anthropology, public health and related fields, this course offers an interdisciplinary look at health practices in the context of China’s unprecedented socioeconomic transformations. Course enrollees are invited to examine the local community of health/disease for the purpose of strengthening both their scholarly knowledge and real-world world experience in this vastly different culture. This course, combined with the field experiences enables the student to form a new frame of reference regarding healthcare delivery in another country.

Field Experience with Field Experience Seminar (3 credits) - Tianshu Pan, PhD
This course provides a series of opportunities to observe various aspects of the practice of health care in China, from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinics to Western-style practice settings. Students will choose up to 4 different sites from a list of several clinics and hospitals, accompanied by a student who speaks fluent Chinese. Students will complete these experiences in conjuntion with a robust field experience course and seminar. 

Elective course (3 credits) - In addition to the above courses, students will choose a 3-credit course, also taught in English, from several courses that are offered to international students at Fudan University. This 3-credit elective course is required. We recommend, however, that students not exceed the required 15 credit hours as they will want to have time for Chinese language study and for cultural activities (i.e. sightseeing!).