Clinical Shadowing Sites

While in Shanghai, students will have the opportunity to volunteer at a variety of clinics and hospitals two half-days per week as part of their field experience and field seminar course. Students will keep a field book to record their experiences. All efforts will be made to assign students to their prefered clinical sites and depending on the number of students enrolled, will be able to rotate through as many as 4 different sites during their time in Shanghai. To read about the impact these clinical experiences and the program as a whole had on previous scholars, click here

Below are the sites that have been used in past semesters. Clinical sites are subject to change.

Children's Hospital of Shanghai 
1665 Kongjiang Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai
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The first pediatric hospital in China, Children's Hospital of Shanghai is a 370-bed comprehensive pediatric hospital and specializes in leading-edge pediatric clinical care, health care, education, research and rehabilitation. In the more than 70 years since its founding, Children’s hospital of Shanghai is famous for its historical culture and research achievements. 
Children’s records approximately 20,000 inpatient admissions and about 113,0000 outpatients annually, their yearly operation is about 12,400 person-times. 


Yueyang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine
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Shanghai Yueyang Integrated Medicine (IM) Hospital, which is affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is a Class A Municipal General Hospital, involving with medical care, education, and research, which is also granted by the Chinese National TCM Administration Bureau as the only Municipal Integrated Medicine Hospital of National level in Shanghai. It is authorized as one of special medical centers for the expatriates in Shanghai by the Shanghai Municipal Hygiene Bureau. As the hospital attracts most famous senior specialists of TCM & IM in the eastern area of China, therefore it owes a high reputation in the medical domain of TCM & IM. 


Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center (FUSCC)
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Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center (FUSCC), established in 1931 as Sino-Belgium Radium Institute, is the first comprehensive cancer hospital in China. With a history of over eight decades, the center has earned a trustworthy reputation. As a grade A tertiary hospital involved in medical services, education, and research, the Center enjoys strong academics and facilities. The Center is honored with 2 key disciplines and 2 key specialties by the state, 3 key disciplines by the Ministry of Health, and 1 key discipline by Shanghai Municipality. It also boasts 3 quality control centers and a good number of the institutes.


Shanghai United Family Hospital
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Shanghai United Family Hospital (SHU) opened its doors on December 1, 2004. The hospital’s sole mission is to provide comprehensive, integrated healthcare services in a uniquely warm and caring patient and family service-oriented environment. SHU is a purpose-built, full-service, JCI accredited facility that offers highly-qualified medical staff from around the world and direct billing to over 40 global insurance companies. As a full service hospital, SHU has a 24-hour emergency room, inpatient and outpatient care, state-of-the-art operating theatres and 24-hour in-house pediatric, radiology, pharmacy and laboratory services.


Wu Jiao Chang Community Health Service Center in Yangpu District
100 Jinian Road,Yangpu District, Shanghai

Shanghai Wu Jiao Chang Community Health Service Center (CHSC) in Yangpu District was first built in 1950. Now in the center there are 143 employees and 126 medical and technical staff. The center utilizes 3200 square meters of area for medical use. There are 70 beds, and the rate of utilization of these beds is 99%. This clinic serves upwards of 240,000 people annually. Like the other health center noted above, this center is a multidisciplinary facility, giving the student the opportunity to visit clinics in a wide variety of specialties including TCM. 


Shanghai San Ai TCM Clinic
320 Middle Jianguo Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai 

Shanghai San Ai Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic is an outpatient facility located near the upscale entertainment district of Xintiandi in the heart of downtown Shanghai. The clinic opened in 2012 and has full accreditation and approval by the Shanghai Health Department. It provides a classical, elegant, and peaceful atmosphere and maintains the highest standards of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai. The driving concept of the clinic is “loving health, loving life, loving nature". It has numerous TCM doctors with vast clinical experience to provide customized and individualized treatments. 


Natural Path Academy
Room A301, 456 Bibo Road, Pudong District, Shanghai

Natural Path Academy is a rising enterprise devoted to promoting TCM, martial arts, and culture. It advocates helping people learn how to care their mental and physical health, produce positive influence on others, and lead a healthy life in accordance with nature. At present, it owns over 200 square meters of quan room and 100 square meters of zen room. With a collection of 300 classic books in Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, it is a nice place for cultivating the healthy lifestyle. 



American-Sino Women's and Children's Hospital
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American-Sino Medical Group was founded by Dr. GuoYuqiao who studied in America. In March 2003, Dr. Guo brought the advanced ideologies of American private medical services to China and founded the American-Sino OB/GYN/Pediatrics brand. American-Sino OB/GYN/Pediatrics applies the “attending in charge system” and devotes itself to providing high-end medical services to the elite. In 2014, Shanghai American-Sino OB/GYN/Pediatrics Services went through a series of stringent validation and become the first DNV International Accreditation certified private OB/GYN/Pediatrics medical institution in Asia.