Why commit a semester to study abroad in another country?

Cultural competency is clearly one of the most important attributes young physicians must have today in this increasingly global world. Having an appreciation for the unique challenges that face our world community is likewise beneficial as understanding how medicine is practiced in other parts of the world helps us better understand our own system as well. 

Washington University in St. Louis offers a program tailored for undergraduate students interested in global health and international health care delivery - the Global MedPrep Scholars Program. In this program students have the opportunity to spend a full semester studying the healthcare system of another country, fully immersed in the life and culture of its people. 

Through an international cultural exchange with top universities in Shanghai, Tokyo, Dublin, and Monterrey Washington University prehealth students have the opportunity to experience firsthand the unique history and culture of some of the world's most beautiful countries while engaging in a structured academic curriculum designed specifically for the future healthcare provider. The curriculum has been designed to give our students a unique experience and set of skills that will strengthen their cultural competency while allowing them to see how medicine is practiced in another part of the world.

The Global MedPrep Scholars Program will allow the prehealth student to not only develop one's linguistic skills and cultural understandings but also one's knowledge of divergent health care systems, creating a more global healthcare perspective. Not only is this helpful for one's preparation as a future physician but also for one's understanding of the world around them.

In order to be able to compare and contrast the similarities and differences that exist between the U.S. and our host countries, all students that are accepted into the Global MedPrep Scholars Program will be offered a spot in MedPrep II - the Shadowing Experience, in the semester of their choice when they return to St. Louis.