Monday, May 14 - Travel to Berlin

Tuesday, May 15 - Arrival in Berlin / Berlin

Walk around the city to visit Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe; Memorial to Gay and Lesbian Victims of the Nazi Regime; Memorial to the Sinti and Roma; Stumbling Stones

Wednesday, May 16 - Berlin

Visit to House of the Wannsee Conference

Thursday, May 17 - Berlin

Tour of Topography of Terror  

Berlin Jewish Museum

Friday, May 18 - Berlin

Visit to former concentration camp Sachsenhausen (in Oranienburg, near Berlin)

Saturday, May 19 - Transfer to Oświęcim

Arrival at International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim

Sunday, May 20 - Oświęcim 

Visit Auschwitz I (4 hrs.)

Group discussion / study projects in Library of Youth Center

Monday, May 21 - Oświęcim

Visit Auschwitz II (4 hrs.)

Workshop “The Auschwitz Album - A History of a Hungarian Transport” 

Tuesday, May 22 - Oświęcim / transfer to Krakow

Visit to Auschwitz Jewish Center, Synagogue, and Jewish Cemetery 

Wednesday, May 23 - Krakow

City tour including old Jewish quarter and Jewish ghetto (3.5 hrs.)

Visit to Schindler Factory Museum 

Thursday, May 24 - Warsaw

Visit to POLIN - Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Friday, May 25 - Warsaw

Tour of Warsaw / former ghetto territory (3 hrs.)

Saturday, May 26 - Transfer to Vilnius

En route: Visit to Treblinka Memorial 

Sunday, May 27 - Vilnius

City tour with  focus on Jewish history and ghetto area

Visit to Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center / Green House Holocaust Museum

Monday, May 28 - Vilnius

Visit to Memorial site Paneriai and former shtetl Vėliučionys (3 hrs.)

Tuesday, May 29 - Return to U.S.