What's New?

A list of the latest enhancements to department websites

October 15, 2018

10/15/18 Theme update

submit button on embedded webforms fixed

  • matches the submit buttons elsewhere ( is no longer solid red)

Content Share modifications

  • "Feed source" column added to the "Find Content" page
  • permissions changes to allow users to see the shared content area
  • Department image will be shared with Person contnet
  • We hid some of the fields that are not editable on an imported piece of content
  • RSVP button will move with content and point to the RSVP form on the originating site

multipurpose page change

  • removed "na" from background color choices
October 8, 2018

10/10/18 Theme Update

  • Replaced "Dark Callout" 
    • New section offers options of "Single-image callout" or "Multi-image callout."
  • Image Card links now have option to "open in new window."
  • Bug Fixes
    • Direct links on articles did not work when accessed from the faculty profile page
    • On Home Page and Multipurpose page, selecting a category in the "Video Spotlight and 2 articles" section is working now.
    • On Courses page: removed commas that were displaying between semester and year
    • On Courses pages: fixed the order of display for sections and subsections
    • On Course pages: Instructor names now display on the correct subsections
    • Filtered view of Resources now shows all resources with that category
    • Home Slideshow with "Event" type now displays in order of event date
    • On Home page: Upcoming Events section now displays according to event date. We made it so the template will display either:
      1. the events for a tag, if there are events in that tag

      2. all events, if there are no results for the selected tag

      3. all events if N/A is selected as the tag

September 18, 2018

Theme update for 9/17/2018

  • People landing page grid and list view is now showing the "Endowed Professorship" field title
  • The text inside of the Search field on the Our People page reads "who are you looking for" instead of "what are you looking for."
  • The list of person profiles (used to tag an article with a faculty member's name) is now alphabetized by last name.
  • The initial Courses landing page is now displaying course numbers.
  • Content areas now default to 2-column.  Just check a box to change them to 1-column.
September 10, 2018

Theme Updates for 9/10/2018

Home Page sections use better help text when editing

  • When given the option to "Add another paragraph" the "paragraph" is now replaced with the name of the section you are in.
September 4, 2018

Theme Updates for 9/4/2018

Event Landing page now has a button to "Subscribe to calendar"

  • If a visitor has a default email client set up on the device they are using, clicking this new button will subscribe them to the feed of all events in your site.
  • A future feature is planned for subscribing to one category of events.
  • There was already an "add to calendar" option for single events.

Our People landing page can default to either list or card view

  • To use the list view as a default, change the link in the main menu to use ....edu/people/list

Direct Link field on Articles now works

Multipurpose-> Dark Callout no longer requires a title

  • If the title is blank, the red box around the title area does not display

August 16, 2018

Theme update for 8/20/2018


  • There is now an option in the styles drop-down for "button." To use this, create a link, select the linked text, and then select the button style from the styles dropdown.
  • When adding images (the last tool to the right) spacing above and below a left-aligned or right-aligned image will be the same.

Accessibility Improvements


August 13, 2018

Theme Updates for 8/13/2018

  • A nested menu item will now display without any changes being made to the parent menu item.
  • List view of People stays aligned even when an email address is very long
  • Choosing a category on the resource page no longer pops you back up to the top of the page.
  • Accessibility Improvements
July 23, 2018

Theme Updates for 7/23/2018

  • FAQ pages will now print as though the individual FAQs were all expanded (without the user actually expanding them).
  • Web Forms 
    • display a line (or box) around a fieldset, when a fieldset is used
    • can use re-captcha to reduce spam on web forms (more documentation to come)
  • Subscribe to Calendar is now an option. Visitors can click a button on the events landing page to set their default calendar up to receive a feed of your calendar events that updates automatically (more documentation to come)
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Bug fixes

July 16, 2018

Theme Updates for 7/16/2018

  • Courses now displays the names of all instructors, when there are multiple instructors for a course.
  • Apply Today link in main menu now opens in a new tab
  • Person content type no longer has a "Faculty/Staff" toggle at the top when editing.
  • Multipurpose Page enhancements to mobile view
  • Accessibility Enhancements


Amy and Marcia will continue adding information to this site. Feel free to suggest topics to us!