What's New?

A list of the latest enhancements to department websites

February 11, 2019

2/11/19 Theme Updates

  • Maps may be added to Events once again
    • location maps were causing events to break. This has been fixed and it's OK to use maps once again.
  • Shared person profiles received a few visual fixes.
    • Additional Info section had extra spaces,
    • CV links were formatted strangely,
    • interests were not appearing with dots between them
    • department image was not appearing in some sites
  • New date filter added to events landing page
  • Courses landing page filter can now be cleared out
  • Direct links for shared articles work properly now
    • links were not working on shared articles, previously
February 4, 2019

2/04/19 Theme Updates

  • Users with the Site Staff role can now see content saved as unpublished that was created by other users
  • Links shared to Twitter will now show a nice preview with image
  • Corrected margins in Additional Resources section of Multipurpose page
  • Links in the Footer callout on Multipurpose pages now conform to the theme (change color and display with underline)
January 28, 2019

1/22/19 Theme updates

  • Updated helper text on a few fields to be more descriptive.
  • Added a new feature for “Resources”--the ability to manually set the order of resources on the Resources landing page.
  • Added an alphabetical filter to the Our People page.
  • Changed the slide limit to all Home Page header slideshows to 5.
  • Fixed up the Anchor Links on Multipurpose pages to include all possible sections.
  • Fixed the Blockquote style to display text as centered with horizontal lines above and below.
December 20, 2018

12/20/18 Theme update

  1. Search results page layout has been improved and results are more consistent
  2. Clicking a tag/category on an article takes you to a collection of content with that tag in a page that is nicely styled
  3. Users are able to see and create Multi Image Callouts on Multipurpose Pages (these were being hidden, previously)
  4. Links in the Main Menu to Artsci, UCollege, and Graduate School now all open in new tabs
December 17, 2018

12/17/18 Theme update

  • Courses page will now display the correct courses for the chosen semester with the correct titles
  • Book covers will no longer appear blurry or stretched
December 7, 2018

12/07/2018 Update

Page not Found text updated

  • "We have a new website! The page you are looking for may have moved." and given a grey background color.
November 12, 2018

11/12/18 Theme Update

  • Changed the way Book covers display to keep the images in focus

Shared Content fix

  • Made the "Feed Source" column appear in the "Find Content page"
  • Made the "Teaser text" field display on the receiving site

November 5, 2018

11/05/18 Theme Update

Content Share fixes

  • On imported content, we hid any fields that the "borrowing" site is not able to edit
  • Corrected display of office hours on imported person content on Artsci site
  • Corrected issue with the display of the date when an imported event is featured
  • Corrected user role permissions to allow appropriate users to access the "Shared Content" area
  • Corrected problem with the way deparmtent name displayed on Artsci site "Our People" page

Book Contnet Type fix

  • Changed the way cover images are rendered so that they are not blurry.
November 1, 2018

10/29/ 18 updates

  • Fixes to content sharing
  • CSS change to prevent person profile images from cutting off the tops of photos when viewed in a particular small-ish window size
October 15, 2018

10/15/18 Theme update

submit button on embedded webforms fixed

  • matches the submit buttons elsewhere ( is no longer solid red)

Content Share modifications

  • "Feed source" column added to the "Find Content" page
  • permissions changes to allow users to see the shared content area
  • Department image will be shared with Person contnet
  • We hid some of the fields that are not editable on an imported piece of content
  • RSVP button will move with content and point to the RSVP form on the originating site

multipurpose page change

  • removed "na" from background color choices

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